Presentation :

BELEZA [beleza ]: n. – 1. "a beleza" means "beauty" in Brazilian  2. by extension "beleza" expresses a state of mind, a way of being in Brazil. For example, to greet someone we say "Ta beleza?" (Are you fine ? Everything all right ?) and we answer "Beleza" (I'm fine ! Great !)



BÉLÉZA : THE band ! Four singers and percussionists take you deep into a delight of unusual and festive interbreeding. The sound scene you will explore will be a mix of traditional music (from Brazil, Cuba, Africa) and of contemporary influences- (Funk, Gainsbourg, Red Hot, Queen…)

A street, a square, an alley, a chapel, a garden, a gallery, a footbridge, in short all places where the musicians are able to sway and flirt with the public, are among their favourite stages.

Their main asset : the flexibility of a small acoustic option easily adaptable to your events.

Their professional experience : 15 years on the road !






 Some of our performances :

Many streets carnivals all around France ( Cabourg, Angers, Rouen, St Nazaire, …)

- Festival des Jeux de Parthenay.

- Festival de Rablay.

- Festival l’Art en Fête.

- Festival Amazonia à Cornillé, Festival d’Heiligenhaus en Allemagne.

- Evènements sportifs nationaux : Vendée Globe 2013.

- Championnat de France d’athlétisme, Ekiden de Saint Nazaire.

- Marchés de Noël, animations d’été, Événementiel d’entreprise.

Crédits Vidéo : Studios Rémy Boulnois   et Création Costumes : Michelle Amet



TOUR  2016